Monday, 1 June 2009


So here is some of the work I have done over the past two years at university that I'm actually happy with. I think in general I am usually not happy with the work I produce because it's either not as good as I know it could be or I have set my aims far too high for what was to be done.

These are my parts from a group stop motion project. This was a great for me as it was the first time I got to do some stop motion on the course and to put all of my knowledge in to practice.

Also found this, another scene I animated from the group project of Dracula. The secondary animation on the hair is a bit wrong. Its ok on the bob towards the ball but wrong on the jump back. It goes in the opposite direction to what it should be. But I quite like the jump back tho.

Here's a few tests I did for something that never got finished. I really need to try doing things with tie downs rather then the magnets I have. Just a case of try and find out I think. This s a bit Jack skellington-esque I feel.

This was one of the various tests I did for picking up a ball. I think its not too bad just the movement of the right arm at the end is a bit jerky compared to the rest of the body.

We had a work shop with the amazing Judd Walton who has worked on tv shows such as Bob the builder and pingu, he also worked on a movie which I am still waiting to watch, Max & co. He kindly brought an old training puppet with him and I couldn't wait to have a play with it. This was such a great opportunity for me as I got to learn something from a professional that has been doing stop motion for a long time and working in the industry. I hope he comes again.

This was for a narrative project. I chose to do mine based on a recent trip to a rock show. It ended up being pretty much a animatic. But I think it still works. I really like the end when the band are on the stage and the houselights dim out then kick back in with the music. It is very much like a lot of the shows I have been to.

And a couple of concept drawings for it

Here's a few illustrations I did for a pre-production project. Just a few that I liked from the bunch. Doing this project really changed the way I look at character design. I have now started to concentrate on shape rather then on detail as I used to do.

We did a project where we had to create a character then sculpt a maquette of it then model it in maya. My favourite part of this was sculpting the maquette as it goes with my love for stop motion. The final outcome in 3d was awful. But at least I tried.

And finally probably my favourite piece of work so far. We had to pick three words out of a hat, a action, expression and an object. Then we had to produce a animation based on these words. I picked out : Coin, Admire, Excited. I know there are probably a hundred different ideas for it but what I did was all I could think of at the time. the best part is the coin flick at the end. I think it's my best piece of actual animation, using all of my knowledge of animation principles.

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