Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Talking to the man!

So I have had the privilege of speaking to two stop motion geniuses in the past couple of years and since joining stopmotionanimation.com the number is increasing.

There is one chap who I have been watching for a while and yesterday I found he posted up a video of a test of one of his new characters for his new short film. Even this short test was so inspirational and it's only 23 seconds long!!!!

Justin Rasch is quickly becoming one of my favourite animators. He has so much skill and he can tell a damn good story too. If you have a spare 12 minutes I highly recommend you watch his film "Gerald's Last Day" even if you dont have the time spare I highly recommend you take the time out to watch it.

Click the link to watch

He also gave me some great advice regarding video reference and stop motion

I feel it's going to be an inspiring and interesting summer.

EDIT: Just posting his reply, will probably keep adding them as they come.

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