Monday, 7 December 2009

Personal meaning and life goals

Before shooting the film the story didn't really mean much to me, it was just a nice story. But during filming I have realised that it has a personal meaning. I think it is almost a dedication to my Dad as when I was a wee boy I could take any of my broken toys to him and he was guaranteed able to fix it whether it was just a broken rubber band in an action force figure or a broken limb of a Thundercat, he could fix it.
And I'm sure there were times that as soon as he had fixed one I would bring him another in a worse state.

So even though the story could of been more refined I'm happy it stayed the way it has.

Also I have been thinking that i am pretty damn proud of myself for pulling this production off, as 5 years ago I would never had dreamed of actually doing something that I so longed to do. I think that has made me even more determined to push harder and and break some personal boundaries.

The next project is going to a big one. But I am confident that it will be good. With my newely formed crew made up of my family and new friends, things can only evolve in to something that is going to be very special.

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