Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Here it is

Well its been a while since I posted anything on here so here is a pretty mega post!! I am proud to share with everyone my final grad film. I worked super hard on this film and even though it could be 10 times better and whenever I watch it, I pick it apart like a hawk, BUT I am happy with it. Also I have been working on my website which is also finished and online. http://www.stopmotionben.com

I do have some other news to tell everyone about but I am going to wait until I have something to show for when I announce it.

Oh and I am super happy to find out that my blog is included on the accompanying dvd in Ken Priebe's 'The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation'.
I was also even more stoked to find my name in a thanks list in the front of the book. It's things like this that really keep me going. A big big thanks to Ken and also a huge congratulations to him for releasing a fantastic book. Go buy it now!!!!!

So here is the vimeo link to my film. Leave me a comment or or something and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it

Watch on Vimeo

Here is a youtube link in case vimeo doesn't want to work for you Clicky Here


  1. Hey, alright! The man is back! Congratulations on all of your well deserved successes. Really enjoyed " 'Till Death...", and the art on your website is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. well done man!

    so cool that you got all the camera moves in there....It really takes the production quality up so much.

    congrats on a finished product!!


  3. Wow! I really enjoyed your film! And I really appreciate how much documentation went into the creation of it. It's really helpful for me to see the issues other animators have to struggle with and eventually overcome when trying to make a film. And it's really great to see how amazing the payoff is once it all comes together. Very inspiring. Thank you!