Thursday, 20 January 2011


Well what a cool week its been so far! First off I get an email from my old tutor to tell me my film is being entered in to the national RTS awards as it one the midlands award. That's pretty damn cool. I'm really not bothered about winning but it would be super cool if the film gets shown to the audience as there will be quite a few big names there.
He also emailed me today to let me know that I have been featured on the university's news page

Secondly over the weekend I got a message from the awesome chap that is Marc Spess to let me know he had put up a wee post about me on animateclay which is pretty damn awesome! I was super stoked with that news. Many thanks Marc for putting a big smile on my face for the weekend!

I will have some photos to post up in a few days of a head I'm sculpting at the moment so i can test out making some new head armatures.


  1. You have the recognition that you deserve Ben.
    I'm very happy for you !

  2. Way to go, man! You're famous! Great to see you getting well-deserved recognition!

  3. Congratulations, Ben. Exciting times!