Thursday, 24 February 2011

Busy times

Well things have gotten really busy round here at the moment so I thought I would post up the head sculpt I was last working on.

Click to view large

There is still a little bit of work to do on him. I need to trim the back of his head and his jawline so I can give him a neck. Then there is just general clean up before making the mold but I have not got a clue when I will get to finish him due to currents projects and work going on.

I always find it funny that I'm really happy with a sculpt until I take a photo of it and put it on here!

The next blog post will probably about the camera dolly my Dad is helping me build at the moment.
 I found some designs and threads about camera rigs on and just passed the research to my dad any he's planned it all up. One requirement I have is that it needs to be for stop motion and for live action so we are trying to figure a way that i can detach the thread from the main truck part of the dolly when its needed for live shoots.
Anyway here is a few photos of all the basic parts minus the threaded rod.


I will do a more detailed post when it's all finished.
Well back to working on this animation about planets ;)

I hope everyone is doing well!!!


  1. That's a really cool head, Ben. He looks just like my next-door neighbour!

  2. The head is stunning !! It looks alive.
    The camera dolly is very inspiring. I need to build one like that on further projects.

    Keep up the great work and thanks to share that with us !

  3. Thanks chaps!!
    @Vincent, I will try and put up as much info as I can when I have we have finished the dolly if that will we any help to you?

    Hope your both ok and things are good


  4. Hey, Ben! Sounds like you're a busy man, and busy is good! I really dig the sculpt, and the dolly looks really clever. Hope to see it when it's completed. Hope all is well.