Sunday, 15 May 2011

Life Drawing 1

As I'm trying to advance with my animation skills I have decided to get back into to doing life drawing. I haven't done any since 2009 and I think I would most definitely benefit from doing as much as I can. My plan is to try and get a routine of doing it every morning for an hour or two.
My only trouble is not being able to afford to go to classes or having friends that would be up for posing for me, so I'm having to use something called VIRTUAL POSE which is a 4 part series consisting of loads of quicktime movies which you can rotate 360┬║ around the model. It is not as good as the real thing but certainly better than nothing.  I have also got myself a timer so I can keep track of how long I'm spending on each drawing.

Here is yesterday and today's studies

Click to view them larger


  1. Great stuff man, good energy and solid construction!

  2. Nice work and inventively handled. I am in awe of your ideas for getting all the information/education/mentoring you want from the web.

  3. @ Jeff: Many thanks Jeff! I was hoping you look at these what with you being the super bad ass draftsman an all! Thanks a lot.

    @ Shel: Thanks Shel! The internet is full of so much resources its just time consuming finding the right ones. Luckily as we all blog everything it becomes easier to find.

    I hope your both doing well