Wednesday, 21 September 2011

He's done!

After lots of trouble the chap is now finally finished!
 The clothes caused a bit of an unwanted delay but my lovely mum took over and got them done and I just finished of with a bit of sewing, which is why his back wont be making to much of an appearance in any of the animation ;)

The next thing I need to do is knock together a rig as I have made a few BIG mistakes with the construction of this puppet.
The first is that he is really top heavy as his head is made from solid baked Super Sculpy firm also he is around 12" tall so this does not help with my problems. And finally as he has steel feet for magnets I couldn't fit in some holes for tie downs as well and the magnets I do have arent going to be strong enough to support him when he's standing on one leg etc so he is going to have to be attached to a rig quite a lot of the time.

Either way he should be heading in to bootcamp by the weekend and I am very excited to be animating with a puppet again!! Bring it on


  1. He looks fabulous, Ben! And I'm learning so much from your reporting how things go for you. You're saving us all a lot of time! Thanks!

  2. He looks fantastic, congratulations. Your work really blows my mind....Cheers! (Thank you for your kind words on my blog!)