Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Troublesome chap!

Well this puppet just does not want to behave! I tried doing another walk cycle and its just way to much trouble to be animating with. All I want to be doing is concentrating on my movements and getting everything how I want it but when using this fella and the rig I just seem to be battling my way through it and having to start over which is just not on. I am going to begin making a new puppet and its going to have tie downs and it is going to be a lot smaller. I measured this current puppet and it is a whopping 13"!! My next one is going to be around 8-9".

I have also gotten myself some of this lovely stuff to play with.
I have been wanting to have a proper play with plasticine for a while now but never had the chance. Its also the ideal time as I need to use what my little funds can afford me and I cant afford to be buying silicone all the time. I'm going to make a few heads and try some replacement mouths out which I am really looking forward too. I have always been a bit scared of using plasticine as I was never too confident in my sculpting. It should be a lot of fun! I am also looking forward to making a new puppet as this last one was the first since my uni project a year ago so I kind of had to expect some faults here and there.

Here is the last walk cycle I did. I'm not happy with it but I'm also not going to beat myself up about it. I cant get him up and down enough to give a believable weight. I couldnt get him back in the same starting pose to make the cycle smooth when looping but that was no ones fault but my own. I also cant really get in to animate it that well as my current set up it just an old set clamped to some chairs and because the chap is damn big I have to use a wider angle lens close in which doesn't leave me much room to animate.

I know the picture looks like I have loads of room but believe me there isn't!
Excuses excuses ey!


  1. I quite like that walk, Ben. It's a brisk, determined walk. It looks like this chap has no worries, happily striding along to his own beat.

  2. Super cool new walk test. So much improvement and I already liked the first one!

  3. These are great posts! Thanks for sharing. I've never really done puppet stop-motion before (usually clay and cut-out) because I reckon it would be anxious with all that rigging work. Your walk turned out great though, even though you say there were problems I can't see it affecting the animation. This is giving me some ideas now, thanks!

  4. omg this blog is amazing! i don;t know where to start with stopmotion but that walk cycle looks so good!

  5. Even if that guy won't behave, it's still a smart, professional looking puppet! Great walk cycle, too! Inspiring work, dude!

  6. Love this walk cycle. Lovely sway in the hips and lovely overlap on the arms.
    The character is great too!