Friday, 18 November 2011


This week has been quite good! I went down to Bristol for a talk on the puppet fabrication on Aardman's "Pirates' it was mostly centered on rapid prototyping and was absolutely amazing!

It was so great to hear, in depth, the process and research that went into making these puppets. Being able to inspect and study the pieces was incredible. Although it did make me feel like throwing all of my work in the bin it also has given me inspiration and drive to get better.

Here is the brilliant Amanda Darby and one of the puppets from 'Pirates' and me with the strangest expression I have ever seen. Only a face a mother could love, ey?

 So I have been working on a new head sculpt as I remembered I still have some silicone that needs to be used up pretty soon as I've had it since May or June last year and I think it wont last much longer.

It is quite nice going back to using Chavant clay after using plasticine for a bit as I find its easier to get some of the angles and shapes that I like. I think this has turned out to be my best sculpt so far. I'm still trying to decide whether to sculpt the hair on of give him a synthetic make over after I cast in silicone.
He still needs a bit of cleaning up and a neck but nothing that will take too long

Then the final head

I think he looks incredibly creepy

With Christmas coming up I need to get a few things done before my work space becomes out of bounds. I am going to make another armature just so I can carry on with a couple of characters. One semi realistic with silicone head and hands and one more cartoony with plasticine head and hands.


  1. Very cool sculpt Ben! The head in the middle reminds me of the character from Creepy magazine.

  2. Lucky you, Ben! And your work is getting better and better! Thanks for sharing. Cheers Olav

  3. That sculpt is so wicked cool, Ben! What fine expression! LOVE IT.