Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Inspector - Maquette

He's finally finished!

There are a few things here and there that I'm not too happy with but it does its job as a maquette and lets me see the whole character in 3D. I'm not too keen on the colour of the plasticine hence the reason for all the black and white photos.
I will add the digital paint over soon but I think I am actually going to physically paint this chap at some point so the digital paint will really help to make sure I get the colours right before hand.

16" Newplast plasticine

Edit (28-07-12)
Digital paint over


  1. He looks great Ben. I love your design choices, how big is this?

  2. You. Are. Utterly. Fabulous, Ben! What a talent you have!

  3. He looks fantastic!

    I especially like how you've positioned him nose first, sniffing out clues.
    I also like the angle of his brow and nose in profile, like an arrow pointing in the direction of answers, the truth and justice! Criminals of the world beware! Inspector ......... is on the case! (does he have a name?)

    Have you thought about maybe adding a lense to his magnifying glass?
    If you cut from the right place of a clear plastic drinks bottle you can even get a nice curve to the 'glass'. Although it stll looks great as it is.

    Looking forward to seeing your paint up.
    Great work as usual Mr Whitehouse.

  4. Excellent work!!! Sculpt and pose are super fun. BRAVO!!

  5. Sweet as fella! Can't wait to see the paint job................and him moving for that matter!!

  6. Wonderful work! I love the scraggly hair and moles :)

  7. Many thanks everybody! This project is currently on hold for a while but there is still cool works going on!