Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Aardman 'Show & Tell'

Last month I got an email from a very lovely lady at Aardman asking if I wanted to be part of an exhibition they put on every year that showcased the work of their employees and friends of Aardman. I am very chuffed to be thought as a friend of Aardman and could not turn down the chance.

 So I spent the next few weeks preparing my work. Cleaning up sculpts and making bases for puppets to stand on, getting doodles printed and new business cards made. It was quite alarming at how long it actually took me to get everything ready. Needless to say I got all ready and took it down to Aardman's Gas ferry Rd HQ in Bristol. Only a few days later I had to go back down to attend the exhibitors grand opening.

 I am so glad I decided to go to this as I met sooo many amazing people and got see all of the fantastic work on display. I was extremely honoured to find that my work was on the same table as Rich Webber. Though I did feel bad that my work kind of took over most of the space!! I have to say as someone who is super self critical of their work, it was hard to watch people walk past mine looking at it, pointing, not knowing what they are saying. But by the end of the evening I got used to it.

Even though participating in this exhibition has ended up costing me a fair amount on travel, prints, business cards etc it was all extremely worth just to see Wallace and Gromit creator, Nick Park, having a good long look at my work while smiling away. Absolutely priceless! I also got to have a really encouraging talk with Peter Lord who had a lot of lovely things to say about my work. So with those two gems and getting to hang out with my good friend Emily, it was a pretty amazing evening.


  1. That's pretty cool man! Your work is beautiful I can't imagine anyone not being intrigued by it!

  2. hey Ben! Really cool stuff!!! I hadn't been to your blog for a while and I love your stop motion characters especially the one you did for the Laika challenge, really nice

  3. What an honor! You totally deserve the recognition!