Thursday, 16 May 2013

Time thief

"Excuse me officer, I'd like to make a complaint. Somebody seems to have stolen time from me..."

Ahh if only we could do that and claim for lost time! Where does the time go!!!! I seem to be saying that A LOT lately.

During my very odd few spare moments,  I'm still trying to keep doodling. 
Then this morning I got up super early so I could get  quick bit of doodling in.
I also tried an animated gif. I am quite happy (for the moment) with how this turned out and am would reeaaally like to play about with more 2d animation.
 I'm also going to explore this character a little bit more over the next few weeks.


These two are for the awesome Cup O' Doodle BLOG

Two Face

Teddy boy

This was my first ever animated gif, which was a lot of fun

So thats all for now! Until next time...  blergh to time ;)

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