Sunday, 22 September 2013

Autumn already?

Good day to you!

How has it gotten to Autumn already?!?!?!? This year is going so ridiculously fast. Slow down will ya!!

A few bits and pieces to show in this update.

I did a fairly quick sculpt of a chap that I've been wanting to design for a while. I was going to draw him up but instead I decided to sculpt him. I think it probably took a tiny bit longer than drawing it  but not by that much and I think I will start doing more of these concept sculpts instead of drawing them.Although knowing me I'll probably end up doing both :)
I'm quite happy with how he turned out but I think next time I'd definitely push his expression a lot more.

 I'm just calling him "Cigar Guy" for the moment

Digital paint job

Turn around video

VIMEO link

I've been going over notes from the character design course I did last year. I'm revisiting some of the exercises and the first is shape and shape language. I did these wee beasties

Starting point

Finished beasties

I did these other monsters but forgot to take a screenshot of the shapes.

It's a very fun and rewarding exercise and highly advise people to have a go. Just draw some shapes and have some fun!!


I got quite a lovely response to these from everyone and I had a few requests for prints.
So I looked into it and set up a store over on Society 6 where you can now buy a few of these and many more.

Today (22nd September, midnight pacific time) is the last day that you can get free shipping
Using this link

I think they do this promotion every now and then so I'll be sure to post on here it happens again :)


So that's it for the moment. I have to get back to work!! I hope everyone is well and being awesome!!!

Oh and here's a bonus doodle, a little test I did with some of the default brushes available in Photoshop cs6. They have some very nice textures to them.


  1. Cool sculpt. Judging by the size of his cigar, I reckon he's top dog.

    I like your beasties. Looks like fun. Will have to give it a go :)

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