Monday, 1 June 2009

Armatures armatures armatures!

I been trying to decide what kind of armature to use for my puppet next year . From having used both wire and ball and socket, I know which is best for me : the ball and socket armature. I have been scouting around the internet finding different tutorials and different ways of machining the armature. Then I came across this website john wright modelmaking. They have made armatures for Aardman studios use. What amazed me even more was that they sell custom armatures and even better the parts for them. This got me thinking even more that I could buy certain parts from them and do the rest myself. After pricing up the separate parts I found that this might be a little to expensive to the amount I am willing to spend, so I hit back to scouring the net for more options.After going through all the possibilities I finally found the right place Skeletoon This is where I will be definitely getting the parts I need or maybe the whole armature.

I have come to this conclusion after getting some advice from 2 stop motion veterans. They said that if you can get ball and socket armature or have access to one then use it. The only reason they don't is if they haven't got the funds or if they need to start animating as quick as possible. As I have the time and will have the funds I will be buying my armature. I will still be doing some tests with wire armatures over the summer just to be double sure.

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