Monday, 1 June 2009

Ideas to show Chris Shepherd

From talking with my parents and looking back at things I used to do around the age of 7 I got a few ideas for the story for my animation in L6. These were inspired from the work done in the audiences and communication module. They are very quick ideas, two of which have been worked on a little while the other two are left as backups. I have decided to do a children's story as I think I want to go into children's tv animation as thats where most stop motion jobs are going at the moment.

Main Idea 1: -- Click images for larger view--

This idea is based on how imaginative I would get when given a huge box. I would make various different things out them like a spaceship, pirate ship, a night rider kind of super car, tank, castle, super computer and other weird but fun things. I think as well my influence for this is a book I got when I was about 3 or 4 called "Ben's Box" I managed to get the book back of my mum who has had it with her through out her last 15 years as a head teacher. The book is very tatty now but you can still see how amazing it is . After looking through it I realised how similar the story is too mine, which I think must of been a sub conscious thing.

Main Idea 2:

This idea is based from When I used to watch a T.V show or movie, I would act it out along side watching it. My mum also said that one time I was waiting to watch Transformers and ended up running around the house acting out my own episode. By the time it had started I was face down, bum in the air, fast asleep from playing to hard.

Backup Idea 1:

This idea is from how I would play with my action figures. I would have a movie kind of set up for playing. Think of a story and what characters I would need for it. I didn't like playing with other children just incase they would mess up the story and do something I wouldn't like.

Backup Idea 2:

Font size

This was based on when my favourite teddy got a bit worse for wears and had to be thrown out. I always wanted him to come back all brand spanking new. I think it would be a similar story to Toy Story and The Snowman.

Chris Shepherd

We had the amazing Chris shepherd in to give us his criticism on our ideas. He thought that my two main ideas were the best. But out of the two he said the one about the box is the strongest.

He suggested that it could be done in the style of creature comforts and to go and ask children if they have ever played with a box or even ask adults too. He said it would be good as it would play on the audiences sense of nostalgia. . Also as I told that it would be made to try and help me get in to children's animation that he will try and dig out a few old contacts for me.

With his suggestion in mind, I started speaking to my mum about how hard it would be to interview children. She said it wouldn't be too hard but she would need to send a letter out to children's parents to see if they mind. As she is under a great deal of stress at the moment, I don't want to burden her with the hassle of having to the that. So I think I will stick with the original plan of the story but try and structure it better, something else to work on over the summer.

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