Tuesday, 2 June 2009

What it is to be a 7 year old child

One of the things I have thought about during this module is that being able to use personal experience is a great thing, even if it's for something you haven't had happen to you or something that would never happen to you, for example : being chased by a dinosaur, you could draw upon a certain experience that made you feel really scared, like being chased by something like a dog or a group of bullies or a cow in my case. It can all be used as inspiration.
I think to get the audience engaged with your story they need to be able to relate to it in certain situations and be able to believe it.

To start this module of we talked about what it's like to be a 7 year old child and what we could remember it was like for ourselves at that age.

We brainstormed the kinda of things we liked to do, what we were like with friends and parents, what kind of television and movies we enjoyed and why we liked the things we did.

I think after doing this exercise we all found that we don't look deep enough in to research and that we could benefit from mind maps a lot more.

We then put what we had found about ourselves at that age and mapped them to a psychologists reports on a 7 year old. We weren't far off from what they thought and would presume that children today would be the same.

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