Thursday, 4 June 2009

Deciding what to do

After we had written the brief, we took a look back at the mind maps, to pick a subject matter. We decided on picking a character from the "Things kids would like to be able to do" which was a wizard/magician. We thought this was a great choice as it could lead to all sorts of possibilities for the short story of the project.

After a session on developing the story we gave each other certain roles to play. Everyone would produce at least a 5 second piece of animation of a magician of there own design and also so we would have different animation techniques. we then put together a storyboard just so we had a guideline of the kind of action that was going to take place.

With knowing what everyone need to do, we all went off to work on our bits of animation. I had decided that I was going to be the compositor for the project and animate and design the actual stage it is set in.

This was a quick test shot just to see if what I had in mind would work

I originally wanted to animate and design the set so it was fully articulated and to almost imitate a real theatre stage. But after receiving everyones work and doing a test composite I found that the whole thing was fast paced and there would be too much happening at once for there to be other things animated at the same time as the characters.

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