Sunday, 7 June 2009

A day with Hereford grammar school

On friday we did a workshop with Hereford grammar school. I started off doing a stop motion workshop with the help of two of my classmates which turned out to be so much fun, they also did a flash tutorial and then came back to finish there stop mo films. I had made a lesson plan but but decided to ditch it and just let them play, which turned out for the best. It was great fun helping them out and also watching them create, children have no fear of messing up or going wrong! Damn them! All but one of them had never done animation and it was also great getting to help them create there first ever piece. I thought I would post up some photos I took during the day and post there final films. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to get any sound on them.

And a nice group shot of us all

And finally the films

This one was done with the help of my class mate Ben Smallman

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