Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stop motion section

While undertaking the heavy duty compositing job I realised it was a shame there was no stop motion in it and decided that I would get a bit done for it as quick as possible. To go with the theme of children's animation I drew up a character that resembled Aardmans Morph and drew the armature inside it. I knocked up a quick wire armature and used plasticine to flesh the puppet out. I was really quite pleased with myself as the actual time it took me to make the armature and sculpt the puppet was only around an hour to and hour and a half. Once it was finished I planned out the animation for later that evening.

And the finished puppet on his stage

I also used tie-downs for this puppet which was a first for me. I had to plan how far he was going to move and drill holes in the right positions. It is definitely what I will be using to secure my puppets down in future. I had to find a blue bed sheet as well for doing the blue screen. I ended up having to do the animating in my living room as I had to suspend the bed sheet from the ceiling and tie it to a bookshelf , then where it was curling up at the bottom i had to weight it down with a rock.

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