Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The green man lives!

Heres my completed section of stop motion.

I did the shoot using a DSLR for the main stills and also had a mini dv camera for low resolution video feed. As I didn't have enough lighting I had to set the dslr to a slow shutter-speed to allow more light in and the whole shoot suffers from light flicker.
Also as the shoot could only be done very late at night, I think it suffers from me getting really tired half way through. But I will just have to take that as learning process.

I think the light flicker actually works within the context of the brief as it is a mistake in animation, and a very common mistake in amateur stop motion.

I am quite pleased with the first half of the animation, up until he turns around. I didn't use reference for the action. I acted it out as I was animating, which I found to be very helpful as I could also feel how the movement was going to go.

I thought it would be interesting for you too see the video feed footage as well as it makes it look like a different shoot. I almost prefer this footage instead of the high res footage and would of used it but it is very low quality and would of proved hard for chroma keying.


  1. Good idea to use a video feed as well as the DSLR, it's a good, cheap alternative to getting a hd camera.

  2. Thanks Lauren. Tis just what most stop motion peeps capture with to be honest. You can get Dslr's with live view but most the time the camera's cost £600 an up x