Thursday, 8 October 2009


My aim is to make a children's stop motion animation. The film will be based on song written by me over four years ago. The film will be titled ’Phoenix from flames’

The animation will be fun and exciting. The target audience will be aimed at children aged 4-10.

As stop motion is my specialized study I will get to put all of my knowledge into practice and also try to utilize it accordingly.

I will also send clips of the film as it’s being shot, to professional stop motion animators to get their opinion and critic. These contacts will also be used for research as well as using the stop motion community on the Internet.

I am doing a children’s story, as there is more work for stop motion in children’s television than film. A strategic method.
Also this story has no speaking parts in so it could easily be viewed in all countries.

I will try to achieve the look of the film to have professional sets and puppets with the limited resources I have and will be unique and fairly stylised.

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