Sunday, 8 November 2009

Epic disaster

Well Yesterday was a complete and utter disaster. I decided I would make the mold for my new head, this was the start of the bad things to come.

I did my usual process of building up a clay bed around the sculpture adding in keys so the two half's fit together nicely. I tried a different way of straightening up the base. I squared it of as this seemed the most logical thing to do. I then made a cardboard wall around it and fixed very tightly around the clay. This is all my usual process apart from squaring it off.

After all this was done I mixed up my plaster and poured it in. All was fine until I nearly walked away to leave it to set and being stopped by hearing the sound of dripping. To my surprise the plaster was leaking out of the mold and had gone all over the table and on the floor. It had gone everywhere and even more worrying was the fact that this plaster cures in 15-30 minutes. I spent the next 2 hours cleaning up the mess. Also while I was scrubbing at the floor I realised that my mold was pretty messed up and ended up using the plaster I had scooped of the table and just pouring it in the mold. This was not enough so I had to wait for that to cue and add a bit more. The whole thing was very stressful. After cleaning up, I mixed up some more plaster and finished the side of the mold off.
I decided I deserved a break and left doing the second half till later in the afternoon.

The mold was eventually completed.

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