Saturday, 7 November 2009

Little boy concept

I have gotten a lot of inspiration for my little boy character as I'm gearing up for the festive season as most of it has come from christmas films.

An unknown film in the UK called 'A christmas story' and everyones favourite "Home alone" have provided the inspiration and reference for the character. The children have the right clothing for what I need, especially in A Christmas story as this is set in the 1950's and goes well with how I have designed the character for the old mender, which I cant find when it is supposed to be set in but they both have the vintage look I am after.

Here is a few shots that I have been working from

A Christmas Story

I also found a chap on deviantart who does some great illustrations for old 80's classic movies and amazingly he had done some from A Christmas story too, which have helped me a lot. Here's his page, he is sooooo good

And here's one of his illustrations. I think you can tell he is an animator :)

Home Alone

About a boy

So here are some of my designs

A few different nose variations

And I think this maybe the final design

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