Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Heads are done

The heads of the puppets have come out okay and I fixed them to the body's. now I have come across a new problem. I am really not happy with how they look. The design looked good on paper but do not look good in the flesh. The heads remind me of Bertie the Trebor bassett man

This has really upset me as tomorrow is the first day of shooting. So to add to the stress of trying to get everything ready, I am going to attempt to make some new head and hands out of super sculpy as that is all that I have that is a flesh colour, unless I want them green faced.

The set is being painted and the clothes are finished and sewn to the puppets. This is looking like its not going to happen.

Anyway here is what they look like at the moment

Hopefully if all goes well then I will post tomorrow with how thing went.

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