Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Well what an evening last night/this morning was. I managed to make some new heads and they look a lot better. I even made a new pattern for the boys hat as the other one was far to big for the new version. The set was painted and completed on time and the puppets are fully functional. At least i know that I can get things done on a tight schedule.

I pretty much spent the day at uni showcasing the set and puppets off as my tutors sent in people after people to have a look. We also set up for the first shot. I am working with Matt Cusworth who has had 8 years experience in TV and film as a camera man and Director of photography, the man know his stuff. He is fully trained to operate the milo as well. So he is going to have a very boring time while the actual shooting is going on as he has to press a button to move the milo on a frame every time I have taken a frame.
Just in case you don't know what a milo is, its a tv/film motion control rig. It has been used on many movies and music videos. It is a very hi tech piece of equipment and has been used quite a few times by Aardman on the latest wallace and gromit titles, you can see them shooting with it on the making of curse of the were rabbit.
This showcases one of the ways stop motion has not really changed in the way its done but more in the way technology is improving the way it is shot. I feel very privileged that I am getting the chance to use this and it will also be a valued piece of work on my cv and showreel.

Tomorrow we will be filming the first shot.

So anyway, here's how things are looking now

The puppets and set with there new look

The guys with the milo

Me and Matt discussing the shot. By Matt's face it looks like I just said something inappropriate...again

Me demonstrating the removable sides

Rosy and a first year student having a wee look

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