Friday, 27 November 2009


I forgot to blog about the trip to hobby craft, so I will do that now. We went to Hobby craft in Solihull last weekend to get all the materials to flesh out the set. When we first walked in the I was getting very worried as the only thing I could find in there was the beads for the puppets eyes. I went around hunting for stuff while my mum disappeared into a hunt of her own for all things card making and beading. Just as I was about to abandon all hope, I bumped into mum and said "they only have tiny crappy packets of card and the over priced beads" to which she replied "you need to go upstairs then" Shocked that there actually was an upstairs she pointed me in the direction and I shot off in pursuit of all things useful. Upstairs was like heaven! Everything I could possibly need was up there. I ended up spending a near £100. So I highly suggest if your a crafty/arty person, give hobby craft a chance as there pretty bad ass!

This film is costing me too much money!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well :)

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