Monday, 16 November 2009

Panic and a change in character design

Over the weekend I had a big panic that I wasn't going to be able to complete the film in time. I emailed my tutor and stressed to him my concerns, but with some encourigning words he conviced me other wise. So I have decided to simplify the characters heads and design so I can get to work saaright away on making the puppets. this wouldnt of been possible with the original designs as I was still needing to create an armature for the heads. So now they are going to have big block heads and replaceable mouths. I think this can be achieved after watching Elmer Kaan's "Mac & Roe" This has inspired me that you can get a great performance out of a very simple puppet. Heres the short film as it is outstanding and i feel it needs to be seen by all.

Mac and Roe from Elmer on Vimeo.

Also Heres a link to his flickr page with a load of photos of making the puppets.

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