Monday, 16 November 2009

Sizes and scales

When deciding on the dimensions of the full size Puppets, I had to restrict them according to my printing facilities, that is A4. From my concept sketches of the Characters I decided on a full size figure that would fit onto an A4 sheet so I could scale this up and therefore also develop  the props and fittings for the Set. I did this by assuming an accepted  height of 5’ 9” [1750mm] for the Shopkeeper then after printing my design for him on an A4 sheet, I put this onto my drawing board and developed a scale by drawing a line from the base line at 60 degrees, marking six equal divisions along this line [to represent 6 feet, then sub divided these into 3, 6 and 9 inch sections. I then drew a vertical line at the side of my figure drawing and put a line across from the top of his head,  cutting across this line which I call the “headline’. This represented a height of 5’ 9’’. I guessed a height of 6’ just above this then drew a line from this point to the 60 degree line at the 6th division point. It was then a matter of using a set square to draw parallel lines from the 60 degree line across to the vertical line creating a scale with feet and inches [ 0-3-6-9-1foot]. The scale worked out roughly to 1to7.
This development is illustrated on SHEET 1.

I will produce a small Mock-up of the Set, approximately half the scale size at 1to15. This will probably be made up of melamine faced chipboard that we have in our garage. I will need to make up a card scale ruler to be able to size up the fittings and to allow me to print off two card characters to plan out the story movements.

Sheet 1

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