Friday, 27 November 2009

Set it up

We have started making the set. I went and spent a silly amount of money on the wood for the shell of the set. Not because I wanted too but because I had too. I got what was needed and based on the research I did on set building it was the right choice. I pretty much read all of the post's on's set section which is Here
and Here

I should also mention that I got a lot of information from the amazing Nick Hilligoss's post about the set he is currently building. Nick is not shy about sharing all the information he has learned and experienced in stop motion and is definitely a big inspiration to me and a lot of other people. Here's the thread about his set.

Based on the size of the mock up we prepared a cutting list from two 4ft by 2 ft sheets of wood. I went for a hard chipboard as it is very easy to drill through for the actual construction and for when I need to drill a hole to tie the puppets down and due to the size of the pieces needed it was a bit more cheaper than MDF and a bit easier to carry from Homebase back home.

I was watching all of the wallace and Gromit films again and got the idea of putting up some posters around the room to fill space so there aren't any bare walls. I will post them up when they have been designed.

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