Sunday, 29 November 2009

Silicone suprise

Well its time to cast my puppets heads in silicon, which i have just done. I will have to wait until this time tomorrow to crack them open and see if they are a success or not. It will be an exciting wait but also a very nervous one. Also i posted up a question on to see if anyone had used RTV molding silicone before for casting puppets with and to see if anyone knew how to go about painting it. I think its pretty much a no go as the silicone will be coloured already when adding the additive. I will have to work round this as time is running out.

Here's the thread as it goes of into a very interesting read about Ron Cole's (a very very talented chappy) experience with a silicone called platsil 10, which is what I think I will try for my next project although the only places that sell it in the UK don't seem to put prices on there websites for any of there stock which makes me think that they only sell in bulk. Click me to read the thread

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