Monday, 29 March 2010

New head...maybe

While my Dad has been working on the set I have been sculpting another head as I am still not happy. The last one had a few flaws that I was not loving. So I started again, not really using any reference this time apart from all of the heads I have made previously and also with some designs factors in mind.

I dont know if I am happy with this one now but I am going to use it to do a quick test with my silicone and to also test out a design I have in mind for a head armature.
I have now published a lot of posts dating back to 20th February that I half started and never finished. I think in total you should see around 15 posts that have popped up out of nowhere . Yay :)


  1. So many updates! I'm really interested in this project. I thought the mock-ups looked particularly brilliant! This head sculpt is AMAZING!

  2. Its looking cool man.

    what kind silicone tests do you have in mind.


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  4. @Jon: Many thanks mate, most appreciated. Unfortunately I have had to ditch this head sculpt as after reviewing the scale of the puppet and the set I have found out I have sculpted it far to big.

    I have sculpted another head which is quite different. I will do a post about it later today or tomorrow.

    @jriggity: Thanks Justin. Tis always a pleasure to have you here.
    I need to do a test run of the dragon skin Ive got as I dont want to go straight into casting the final head. It will be a lot of fun though

  5. Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................