Friday, 30 April 2010

In full swing

Well That was a stressful week. Getting everything done and ready for shooting took a bit longer than scheduled. I managed to get the puppets done by 7.00am Wednesday morning and with 3 hours sleep and a fun journey into uni with the set and cases of equipment.

For the past 2 days me and the amazing Matt Cusworth have been setting up lights and tweaking computer configurations. I am using the Milo again, which is soo much fun. Today we spent an hour trying different ways to shoot the first shot, exciting stuff.

I was a bit reluctant at first to post pictures or footage of the film in progress but I think I will as from studying the amazingly talented Justin Rasch's blog, I found it is interesting to other people as well as a good way to follow the progress of the film even closer.

I have had to bring the one puppet home with me over the weekend as his eyebrows are peeling off and I am going to try and split a little bit of the hair and add some wire to it too give me the chance to do some follow through movement. It is also a good job that I did bring him home because as soon as I took him out of my bag I realised one of his thumbs had broken, not happy!!!!

So Here we have a shot from when we just about finalized the lighting. I will post pictures up of the finished puppets and set details on tuesday when I get back into uni.
Fun times for everyone!!!


  1. looking so forward to following your films progress.


  2. Great as always! Puppet really come to life with the hair added.

  3. hey cheers Ben, I'll try not to disappoint! As I said, it's all looking brilliant. If I can help with anything gimme a shout, I know the pains of the final project only too well!

  4. Looking really good man. Loving your character.

  5. So great reading all of these, Ben. The hands are well, outstanding!