Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Wife

With the change of the story I had to whip up a second character. It was originally supposed to be just the one main character battling with his guilt of murdering his brother, but I got stuck with the that story and had to back track to a first idea. So I had the character design already in my head and went straight into sculpting her. I thinkas I have been watching Coraline and Corpse Bride pretty much everyday for the past few weeks there character design has rubbed off on me. So My main influence for her is Nell Vandort from Corpse Bride and Miss Spink and Miss Forcible from Coraline

Without even looking at them for reference I sculpted my head and was very happy with the first attempt.
This sculpt then went in to the mold and cast phase which came out pretty great. Also the armature was sized up and stripped from an old puppet. Another head armature was built for it as well.

She is all finished now and I will post up a finished photo of them both as soon as I get a spare moment while filming.

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