Friday, 3 February 2012

Sculpting away

It has been quite a while since my last blog post. I think I say this every time now but time really does fly quickly when your busy bodying about!

Recently I have been concentrating on developing my sculpting skills. A while ago I asked my good buddy, the amazing JEZ TUYA if I could have a go at sculpting one of his characters but never got round to it and also I am a HUGE admirer of his work and was scared of messing it up beyond recognition.  Then a few weeks ago I decided" Hey, if I mess it up no one is going to see it, right?"

He has so many awesome designs and I found it hard to pick one. In the end I decided  to try out a few.
This was a great exercise for me as it made me look at shapes in a way I wouldn't have before. Jez really does know his shapes!!

This is also the first time I have properly sculpted in Super Sculpey. I never really liked it before as it is really soft but I have been following other peoples formulas of working with it. Basically I sculpt the main shape of the head with a few details like eyes mouth and nose then I will bake it and add hair and beard. Then bake it again and add anything else that needs to be done. I leave the body till last as I know I can work with the head without ruining it.
Due to not having much display and storage space I have only done character busts and it also saves on the amount of sculpey I have.

First up is Captain Ahab

Jez's illustration

Illustration is owned and ©2012 Jez Tuya

My sculpt. Its not 100% bang on but I think it bares enough resemblance

Then all three of Jez's awesome characters
Illustration is owned and ©2012 Jez Tuya
And my sculpts of the other two chaps 



I had so much fun doing these sculpts and learned a lot from the whole process. I am also quite surprised at how quick it took me to do each one. I think Captain Ahab took me a night and an afternoon and probably the same time for the other two. Maybe one day I will paint them.

Dr Jekyll
The past week I have been working on one of my own designs that I had in my head. It was supposed to be Jack the ripper but as usual it didn't quite go to plan. I ended up having to paint this chap as from all the baking that he went through there were a lot of really burnt parts.There are a few things Im not to happy about with it but I am totally taking it as a lesson learned situation. You first have to be bad to get good, right?

So here is Dr Jekyll

And a few other different shots of it
So that's about it for the moment. I do have some really super dooper exciting news to blog about but not until the end of next month. But I am sure I will do more work in between then and now to blog about. So until then "Never give up! Never surrender!" super geek points if you know what that is from :)


  1. Very cool sculptures, Ben.

    It's interesting to see someone else's designs, when sculpted, retain that Whitehouse style.

    Abraham Linco... err, Dr Jekyll looks fab! :D Is this the start of a new project, I wonder... :)

    1. Why thank you Mr Dean! Your not supposed to think its Abraham Lincoln!!! haha I knew someone would bring it up so it might as well of been you ;)

      Not a new project unfortunately just a character sculpt. I haven't really got time to pursue a full on project just tiny ones like this :(

      Hope your doing well matey!

  2. These sculpts are fantastic. You've translated the 2D designs into 3D really nicely without compromising stylised nature of the originals.

  3. Beautiful! These are astonishing, Ben!

  4. Hey ben, great stuff you have here! I absolutely love your sculptures they are truly incredible! They are so detailed and look exactly like the 2d drawings... How big do you work?

  5. Hey there, I just stumbled upon your blog and I am lovin it! I'm in the midst of doing my own stop mo short so I love coming across other people who are figuring it out on their own! Keep it up!!

  6. Beautiful work Ben ! There is so much life in your sculptures, you really captured the feeling of the 2d concepts. Feel free to take a look at my blog, and if you feel inspired don,t hesitate to sculpt one of my characters, I'll be honored !
    Keep up the good work ! Cheers.

  7. Fantastic work man! I am full inspired!!!


  8. Wow, new masterpieces! Amazing stuff!
    Cheers Olav

  9. Amazing work Ben - Thanks for sharing.!
    Shane =)