Sunday, 1 April 2012

March Madness

Well well well what a month March has been! It started with the end of my few months being a visiting lecturer at Birmingham City University. That was pretty cool and I got to meet some great people.
Then it was also the start of a new job at the awesome Second Home Studios where I am doing some puppet making and model making and maybe a wee bit of animating too. We are doing some really cool stuff and I will hopefully be able to share some when its all finished.

But then on the 11th March I had to leave Second Home for a few weeks as I made my way down to Bristol to start a two week work experience position at Aardman in the model making department on 'Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps'.
This has got to have been the best two weeks of my life so far. I helped out with making some background sheep and also got to do a few sculptures that will hopefully make it into an episode. One of the biggest rewards was  being around super talented people and seeing what they get up too and even learning a few things here and there ;)
Another reward was getting to see puppets from Pirates nearly everyday and staring them in the eye! Weirdly enough they don't ever blink, you will never win!!!!
And not to forget all the things I saw for Shaun, I got to see some of the animation units and was completely blown away by the size of the sets and just how magnificent everything is.
I should be able to post photos of what I did when the episodes air.
I really did not want to come home!

A big thank you to everyone there for taking the time to talk and show me what its like at Aardman. Maybe one day I will be back for a longer period of time.... you never know

Here are a few drawings I have done over the past couple of months as I don't like doing a blog post without having something to show even if they bare no relevance to what I have been talking about :D

These two are just quick things from when I went to Bristol

My entry to last months Laika Challenge

A couple of doodles from a 30 day drawing challenge that I keep dipping in and out of


  1. Ben, I'm thrilled for you. What a coo!

  2. glad you had a great tiem man! and Im sure you will be back again! :D