Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rainy days

What better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon then to update this here blog.

I have finished my time at Second Home Studios and it was fantastic. Being surrounded by so many talented and creative people was such an honour. I cant wait to see how everything looks when its all finished. We were doing stop motion visuals to accompany a large scale stage show of Lion the Witch And The Wardrobe

It really is going to be fantastic and I can not wait until we go to see it. I shall let you all know how it turns out.

Last week I got a spare bit of time to spend a day playing with an armature I had bought over Christmas. I wanted to to do some very basic exercises

I wasn't very happy with them at all so I posted it on my facebook page asking for some feedback which I got from some very amazing animators. Hopefully I will get the chance have another go and try to put some of the feedback to good use. 

Last weekend I also started an online course which is 'Character Design With Nate Wragg'

I am a very big fan of Nate's so I couldn't miss out on the chance to get tutored by him. I want to focus on character design a bit more so I can apply it to my stop motion work and also to get my drawing to a level that I am happy with. You can see Nate's work HERE He has a very impressive credit list for the films he has worked on. He has done a lot of work for Pixar to name but one.

I didn't know whether to start a new blog for my illustration work but have decided I might as well keep everything in the same place. So I will now be blogging my doodles and illustrations as well as my stop motion work.

Here is my first submitted assignment to the course. We were asked to create a monster out of simple shapes and this was my attempt. I got some great feedback from Nate and was happy with the result.

And here is a group shot of some of the other monsters I did whilst playing around with the shapes

This weeks assignment is very cool and I shall upload it once I'm finished later in the week.

I spent the last coupe of days working on another illustration which I am very happy with and what I think is my best to date.  I spent a bit of time working on the pose and trying to get the right look I wanted to achieve which is getting closer and closer every time I do a new drawing.

'For The Fallen'

 And a small close up on his face

That is it for this rainy sunday! I shall be back with more doodles very soon


  1. I absolutely LOVE these little monsters you've created!!

  2. Great update man, I liked the animation test though

  3. you gots skillz man!!