Monday, 28 May 2012

The Sculpt Of Carl

I have finally managed to get a bit of sculpting done!
I wanted to see if the kind of characters I am designing at the moment translate to 3D so I started with a really quick 15 minute sculpt just to test the waters. This was only around 1.5" and sculpted this small to make sure I could focus on shapes rather than detail.

Then it was time to move on in a bigger scale.  I went through a few of my character designs and picked out Carl The Thug. I didn't want to necessarily sculpt the thug character but more use the design to play around with.

Then it was pretty much a 7-8 session to sculpt it. I didn't take any progress photos as I was far too sucked in to sculpting.

So here he is

I would really, really  like to turn this chap into a fully fledged puppet but I just don't have the the space to do so at the moment. Hopefully in the near future this will be possible

A digital paint over just to see what he could look like in colour.


  1. Great Job,
    He looks really cool, I like the way you've translated the design.
    I'm getting an untrustworthy car salesman vibe from him.
    I also like the way you've achieved his 9 0'clock shadow.
    You should give him some colour with the old digital paintbrush.

    1. Many thanks dude! I was going to give him a digital make over but will have to wait until this weeks character design assignment is done :( Many thanks again my good man, you are the bee's knee's!

    2. That's what I'm talking about!
      He looks great in colour.
      As Ben whitehouse would say, "Bloomin awesome!"

    3. Hahaha aww I would never say that!!!! hahaha Damn it! I have got to stop saying "bloomin"I dont have the top hat and monocle for it.

      And thank you dude! I feel honoured to have you here :)

  2. Mr. Ben, I am in utter awe of your talents.

    1. You are far too kind my dear! :) I hope you are well

  3. I'm really loving the style of these new sculpts and drawings Ben!

  4. man.....these are all simply amazing!!!

  5. This character looks great! I really like the way you captured a personality in the sculpt. The digital painting looks awesome. Did you learn how to do this yourself over time or did you learn from tutorials? its something Ive seen done and would be really interested in trying it out on my own sculpts if you could give me and tips?