Monday, 4 June 2012

Meet Morris

While most of the UK were out partying and celebrating the Queens Jubilee, I was inside sculpting myself into a plasticine ridden trance. What started out as just a quick head sculpt turned into a full blown character bust. I had a lot of fun with this chap. I would really like to be able to push this style of character into my puppet making. I would love to see the heads cast in silicone but I need to stock up on all of my molding and casting materials before I can think about doing it. Anyway, Meet Morris!

Digital paint job

And a few close up shots

I completely forgot that I had filmed a turnaround video using a motorized turntable that I forgot I had. Its not amazing or lit nicely but you get the idea


  1. Super sculpt!....your characters keep getting better and better!

  2. Love the character and the lighting on the stills. You are quite a polished pro.

  3. wonderful! can i just ask what type of clay/plasticine you use? brilliant work.