Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Few Chaps

I have now finally finished The Character Design course. The past 8 weeks have been pretty darn amazing. I have learned so much and feel my work has definitely improved although there is still a lot that needs to be done to get me to a place where I'm confident in my drawing. Practice Practice Practice!!!!!!!!

This diagram sums up my work ethic exactly at the moment

 The reason I wanted to do the course in the first place was to help me design better characters which in turn would make more appealing stop motion puppets with designs that I will be happy with. So this is something I am about to start working on. I just need to gather a few new bits and bobs of supplies that I've run out IE. silicone.

Here is all 8 weeks of my assignments from 'Character Design For Animation With Nate Wragg'

Week 1. Shape Language

Week 2. Using Shape Language to create knights/Templar type chappys

Week 3. Character Line Up

Week 4. Focusing on head shapes

Week 5. Story Telling Moment

Week 6.  Matching the styles of Jay Ward and Ronald Searle

Week 7. Animals!!

Week 8. Basic Model Sheets with characters we have already drawn in the course

Well there you have it. 8 weeks worth of work squeezed into one blog post.


  1. Brilliant stuff, man! It's a treat watching your stills grow!

  2. Wow this stuff looks great! Where did you do the course?

  3. High caliber looking work, Ben.

  4. Hi Ben :) These are so nice!! It was really great to have you as a classmate! :D

  5. What a terrific looking course...and excellent work by you. How did you achieve the "Searle" inky line and spatters effect?