Sunday, 31 March 2013

We "March" to the top...

Good day everybody! 

I thought as its the end of the month I would give you a wee update of what's been going on.

I have been very busy recently, which is always a good thing! 
I've been locked away with a few character design jobs which unfortunately I cant show anything until I'm given the OK which maybe not be for a long time but that's just the way it goes. But I do have some other work that I can show you :)

I wanted to take a few new photos of the last two puppets I made to jazz my portfolio up a bit.  
I felt the others photo are quite clean cut so it's nice to add something a little bit edgy and darker. 

Here's a bunch of doodles that I've done after work hours. I like to wind down the day with a bit of scribble therapy.

I've also made a couple of silly doodling videos.

Most recently, I have been commissioned to make two puppets for a short film being made at Vienna Film Academy. This is a fantastic freelance job and will keep me extremely busy over the next 2 months. I started this job doing the character design and have now started to make the actual puppets. Fortunately I have an extremely cool client that has granted me permission to post photos while I go along.

The first thing I have been doing is working on the main puppets head. For this I will be doing replacement faces in the same vein as Coraline and Paranorman. It is taking me a while to get right but luckily, thanks to the amazing Flynn Brothers, I have a little bit of a head start in how to do things.

A sneak peek at the armature design

This is a photo of the rough sculpt that I did to help me get the dimensions right. Then the core of the head next to it.

Then here is how the head turned out. Unfortunately I have had to abandon this one and make another as it was a bit too large and was causing me a few problems. No bother though as I am very far into to the final one.

So that's all for the moment. Hopefully I will have some more pictures up soon as things progress. I hope everyone is doing well!!


  1. Fantastic work as usual Mr whitehouse!

    This post is like a buffet of awesome sauce.

    Also, It must take a lot of skill to draw and film at the same time.
    You ambidextrous genius you.

    1. Thank you matey!!! You are faaaar too kind!

      I will most likely be harassing in the next few weeks about puppet stuff ;)

      I must admit it is pretty bloomin hard holding my phone and filming the drawing. It's hard not to concentrate on the screen rather than the actual doodle it self.

      I hope all is well with you and the brother

  2. Stunning work once again sir! Following along :)

  3. Love it when you post! its like a christmas present, loved the bearded chaps, mind if I make a sculpt of one of them?

    1. Thank you very much! You are welcome to sculpt one. They are actually dwarves I doodled after watching the Hobbit :)

  4. Top-Drawer Talent You. Great to see the progress shots. You have a very smart client indeed.

  5. Seriously your doodles are getting better each time you post!