Thursday, 18 April 2013

April showers

Good day to all! Just a quick post while I wait for some fast cast resin to set :)

Here's a big selection of drawings from last month up to this week.

A quick update on the puppet

The core elements of the head are done. Now its time to mass produce the top and bottom sections and start sculpting all of the expressions.

I have to give another big thank you to Josh & Nathan Flynn for showing how to do this fantastic technique. You should really check out their website and see how awesome they really are! (click here)

And here is a very short video showing the head off.

That's it for the moment. In the next update I'll hopefully have a lot more puppet stuff to show. Until then, stay safe and keep smiling!! 


  1. oh i love the drawings! i pinned a few of them :)

  2. Beautiful work Ben. That magnet click is so damn satisfying!